Back to blogging, not recording

The swimming pool at work was closed by the time I got back from my 10-day work road trip. That’s how I knew fall was here, and that it was time to prepare for change. Summer in Boston is drastically different from the rest of the year. There are more tourists. There are less students. There is serious heat, but nothing that an ocean breeze can’t fix. Summer in my job is a bit different, too, since school is out and university kids aren’t thinking about study abroad plans as much. This summer was for pool parties, walks along the river, visitors from all over, and spontaneous weekend adventures.

Autumn brings a bit more structure and rigidity. Eventually we’ll have to close the windows. I’ll have to tuck my flip flops into the corner of my closet. Friends who are in school will be a lot harder to see. Long walks with Marshall will gradually get shorter. Life gets scheduled around holiday visits, work trips, and weather. But structure is a good thing, in my book. I like calendars. I like schedules. I like keeping track of things I have done and things I have yet to accomplish.

I used to take this to the extreme. For about three years, I wrote down everything I did. OK, not absolutely everything, but pretty much anything worth noting. For example, on Thursday, April 12, 2007, I had yoga class, went to lunch in the school dining hall with my friend Becky, went to the bank, got a job offer (which I accepted), and then watched the movie Blood Diamond. Not every day was this full. On Tuesday, November 27, 2007, the only thing worth noting was that I did laundry.

Most people thought it was weird that I wrote things down. I thought it was a nice way to remember things, but also a way for me to feel accomplished. A bit of a diary, a bit of a to-do list. I stopped doing it after 2007. I eventually came to the conclusion that it was kind of anal and kind of bland. I admit it is fun to look back at these date books and say “Oh yeah! I remember going to Target with so-and-so that day!” But at the same time it was a time-consuming habit that ultimately didn’t hold any worthwhile descriptions of what I was doing with my life. It was an empty accomplishment.

But hey, I was in college. I didn’t have much purpose at that point except “get good grades and graduate so that I can go change the world.” The goal was quite easy to name back then. Now, my goals are not as easy to define. But ultimately I have chosen to sum up my goals with this blog and this word: fabulous. My goal, today and all days, is to be fabulous to myself and to others. So that’s what I’ll keep blogging about. What are the little things we do each and every day that make life beautiful? And what are the big things that keep my desire for change, adventure, and excitement satisfied?

So back to my autumn change, my schedule and my goals. I’m preparing for that New England winter that I have really yet to experience. I’m giving myself goals and activities. And I will blog about them, as I usually do, but with more excitement and frequency. So what does this mean? Well, maybe a post about fabulous food that we make, such as this waffle-ized mac and cheese.

it’s even better than you can imagine

Or maybe a post about exploring this beautiful state that I live in now. Let’s face it; I don’t have enough international jet setting to fill an entire blog!

jon the photog on a mountain near amherst, ma

Or maybe about my adventures in art, music, language, and books — all of which are scheduled into my autumn in a very non-rigid, non-anal kind of way. I care about this blog because I care about writing and sharing. Recording is nice, but detail and reflections are what make our stories worth reading and remembering. So yes, I watched Back to the Future II on April 20, 2007. But I have no idea what I thought of it or what it meant to me (probably nothing too deep, but still).

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned.


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