Ode to Memrise

You don’t have to know me long for my secret to leak:

There’s not a language on earth that I don’t wish to speak.

But recently one tongue has made me the most pleased,

You might have guessed that I’m talking about Chinese!

After learning about the huge country through months of travel,

The roots of Chinese culture were beginning to unravel.

But as I know any language learner will surely agree,

True knowledge and skill in the local language is the real key.

“But Chinese is so tough! It’s so foreign, so strange, so weird!”

Yes, it’s a challenge, but not as hard as it first appeared.

You see my Mandarin study started in a Beijing school,

Using my new skills in the city was nothing short of cool.

In the US I kept studying with a language tutor,

And my other best friend for practice became my computer.

While sorting through all the junk you can find online,

One day I came across something truly divine.

It’s a simple website with language lessons for free,

Chinese, Portuguese, Greek, Turkish, and even Hindi.

You learn new words through pictures and memory tricks,

I’m telling you it works: the learning really sticks!

In a virtual memory garden you plant your words,

I hear the people who made this are real life science nerds.

With email reminders you make sure your words don’t wilt away,

This is really my favorite way to study to this day!

So visit the site for Memrise and pick your language now,

And don’t forget to tell me if it makes you, too, say WOW!






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